We have experience in providing and managing medical, management and information technology services, at multiple levels within Federal and state government organizations. We provide in-site staff which includes Management Analysts, Budget Analysts, Clinical Analysts, Administrative, Human Resources, Psychologists, Psychiatric Nurses, RN(s), Physicians, Physician Assistants and other medical staff. We are dedicated to delivering high valued healthcare staffing solutions. Our extensive knowledge in credentialing physicians and nursing/allied health professional personnel will ensure precision placement based on hospitals procedures.


Lewis, Price & Destiny Group has expertise and experience in providing business solutions to government agencies to solve problems, address expanding needs, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.  We can address both the business process and information technology areas.  There are numerous methods and techniques that have been used in solving the organization’s business problems and improvement desires.  Lewis, Price & Destiny Group subscribes to and uses the Business Process Management method, and tailors this method the meet the requirements and goals of the customer.


Accounting consulting services include account reconciliation, data analysis, data entry, account allocation and indirect rate development, preparation of pro forma statements, internal control development, and financial systems improvement and implementation.  Our staff prepares financial analysis of monthly, quarterly, and year-end financial statements.


Staffing for IT consulting is our bread and butter. Our robust team of IT specialists have extensive experience in protecting data. We boast a proven track record with clients who depend on staff. We provide full range of Information Technology (IT) solutions. We are experienced with designing, building, converting, managing, and supporting IT systems. We have in-depth experience in database design and data analysis for both operational systems (support the business process and capture the data related to the process) and business intelligence-decision support- knowledgebase systems (turns data into business information). Destiny has expertise in applications requiring online enrollment or registration; cloud services; electronic collections and payments.



            Architecture Design & Implementation                    Cloud Services                       Data Center & Workstation

                  Enterprise Monitoring                           IT Health Check Assessment                       IT Infrastructure

                      Remote Access                                     Virtualization Networking                                IV&V


The LPD Group has in depth expertise and experience in planning, organizing, documenting, and executing procurements through sealed bidding and negotiated solicitations for complex and critical contracts that are in conformance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) and other regulations.  Our staff has experience conducting cost/price analysis; developing agency negotiation positions; coordinating technical specifics of contract language; identifying potential problems with contracts; and contract closeout support.


The LPD Group provides BPM, which is a method for obtaining knowledge and understanding at the intersection between Management and Information Technology by analyzing current business processes, This involves staffing, organizations, applications, documents and other sources of information that are need to conduct and sub-stain the business life cycle.  The result of a properly conducted BPM will provide the organization with a road map of solutions and alternatives that can be implemented to reduce costs to the organization, improved efficiencies, stabilized technologies, and provide a better quality of service for the agency and its participants.  Using structured methods and technology tools, Lewis, Price & Destiny Group can study and evaluate the current business processes and identify redundant process, redundant–conflicting-inconsistent technologies, processes for improvement through technology and training.


Financial management services include assessment of financial systems and associated processes to identify inefficiencies, data integrity, and seek improvement of operating effectiveness, controls, and performance. We assist the client in implementing corrective action, documenting existing processes, and designing, developing, and implementing new, more productive processes. In addition, LPD will assess and incorporate improvements to financial reports by designing, developing, and implementing customized reporting formats. In the area of budgets, we provide technical assistance to formulate the budget process, implement the budgetary controls, and execute the budget process effectively.